MORPHX IT - Dynamics AX programming book

I wrote and published the AX programming book MORPHX IT in 2006. MORPHX IT target group are newbies to AX development. If you want to save time on learning AX development, wants to catch up on a certain area or if you are working as a Dynamics AX functional consultant and want to learn some about AX development, then MORPHX IT will beneficial for you.

MORPHX IT is written based on AX 3.0 Service Pack 4. You can still use this book to get to know the basic on AX development if using AX 4.0 or AX 2009.

At the time I wrote MORPHX IT there were no other books on AX development on the market. I had for a long time wonder why as there was, and still is, a need for information on AX development as Dynamics AX is a growing market area. I wanted to contibute to make it easier for people interested in AX to get to know the system. If I just could cut 1 month of the learning curve for a person learning AX I would have reached on of my goals.

What I first realized later on was how much I learned on AX and project management by writing MORPHX IT. At that time I wrote MORPHX IT I had been working with AX for 8 year and I thought I knew all there was to know about AX development. I was so wrong. I learned a lot as I had to check every corner of AX. Especially the importance of organizing development projects and how much cost and time you can save later on by verify best practice is followed. As a friend said to me: "Anyone can get a bolt in place. But if you are not are aware of how to do it you might end up not being able to unscrew the bolt and you will have to start all over if you later on have to do changes.". This is so true, and I hope MORPHX IT will help making it easier to 'uscrew the bolts again'.

As I started to write I realized that this was quite a project. It took me around 10 month with an average of 60-70 hours working week. Writing MORPHX IT end up to be just a part of the project, as I deciede to publish MORPHX IT myself. I had to do layout, cover design, editing, promoting and answering emails about my project. This was a busy time, and exciting as there was an overwhelming interest in MORPHX IT. People emailed me and asked me whether they could contribute. At the most busiest time I was coordinating the work of 25 people who were editing, doing cover design, promoting and translating while I was writing.

You can download a free copy of MORPHX IT from or order a paperback edition at the cost of printing and shipping. MORPHX IT is available in English, Dutch and Russian.

You can download the sample files used in MORPHX IT here.